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Dan has interviewed and spent quality time with the most famous, successful and powerful people on the planet. They have taught Dan what works, what doesn’t and why. In 1982 Dan was sponsored into the National Speakers Association by Zig Ziglar who has continually mentored Dan in Motivation. 

In 1988 Dan was a house quest of Muhammad Ali where for five hours they laughed, ate and analyzed Why Champions Struggle To Stay On Top. Dan learned Creativity from Dave Foster and Originality and Showmanship from Willie Nelson and Alice Cooper.

Dan was taught the Critical Nature Of Preparation by Wayne Gretzky and his father Walter in their day together at the family home in Brantford, Ontario. Dan has debated Team Building many times with Coaches Lou Holtz and Duke’s Coach K; learned Character and Work Ethic from his pro wrestling buddy DDP; discovered flying with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds; and interviewed Michael Jordan about Thriving On Pressure when the game is on the line.

In 2007 Dan attended the last reunion and sacred goblet ceremony of the Doolittle Raiders where they spend the evening discussing Courage. Dan committed the Service Before Self after hanging out with World War II fighter Ace 1st Lt. Alden Rigby and “Candy Bomber” Col. Gail Halvorsen. In 2008 Dan learned much about Homeland Security from U. S. Secretary of Defense Gates and Canada’s Defense Minister Peter MacKay when Dan served as the Master of Ceremonies at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of NORAD.

Dan also learned to Dream Big and that “Failure Is Not An Option” from astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Frank Borman as they dined together at the Army/Navy football game; was tutored in Teamwork by Oakland Raiders HOFers Art & Fred; learned “Success Is Never Final” from discussions with Bill Marriott who was married by Dan’s Uncle J. Reuben; and swapped stories with Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger about International Diplomacy when Dan was the keynote speaker at their Horatio Alger Gala. Yes, Dan has even spent the night in the “Bird Man’s” cell at Alcatraz Prison!

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