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$1,000,000aire Blueprints, 9/1/2006 Since opening our doors here at $1,000,000aire Blueprints, we have interviewed wealthy business owners, charismatic CEOs, daring entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, award-winning athletes, courageous
individuals who have overcome paralyzing injuries, songwriters/recording artists and huge-hearted philanthropists who would give you the shirt off their back, but never have we met someone who is all of them — at least not until now. Read The Full Story (pdf)

Deseret Morning News, 2/27/2006 — S.L. speaker hobnobs with stars, lives once-in-a-lifetimes weekly… Read More At DeseretNews.com
Spokesman, November 2006 — Dan Clark spoke to the Air Intelligence Agency commander’s conference on his personal observations and feelings about the military and his recent tour of Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan… Read The Full Article (pdf)

The Deluxe Knowledge Quarterly, Third Quarter 2005 — Taking the customer experience into new territory… Read The Full Article (pdf)

Deseret Morning News, 4/20/2005 — Recently back from a two week tour of military bases in Iraq where he became “the first motivational speaker ever to make a tour” there, Salt Laker Dan Clark was ebullient…Read More At DeseretNews.com

Motivational Speaker, author visits base
BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq — Dan Clark, motivational speaker and author, discussed how experiences bring change and how service members should use what they learn during their deployment to make positive changes.”… Read More.

G.I. Patriotism — On April 29, airmen flew 110 Iraqi children and 97 of their parents, guardians and escorts from Amman, Jordan, to Baghdad in support of “Operation Smile.”… Read More
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